Add STROBIST to Your Must Read Blogs

27 09 2007

Those of you new to photography and even those of you not so new, should be reading Strobist, if you aren’t already. If you are a professional photographer (aka a poor photographer) you are looking for all sorts of ways to make the dollar stretch until it screams. David Hobby is the Strobist and his blog site is a great resource for us all. If you are just starting out, go through his “Lighting 101” and now the “Lighting 102” classes. You will see immediate improvement in your work.

The Strobist is a professional photographer for the Baltimore Sun… though he is currently on a leave of absence and devoting full time to his blog and seminars around the country. His lighting style is not for the fully outfitted and rigged studio… rather, with his background in journalism, it is focused on making the most with the least amount of baggage, time and expense. What’s best, he’s usually doing this with only one or two off-camera flashes and a couple of Pocket Wizards – at the most!

I cannot do his blog justice with my words. Do yourself a favor and give the Strobist a read. You’ll be glad you did.

Nothing to Photograph? Sure there is!!

22 09 2007

As a photographer, one of the first lessons I learned is that I did not have to travel far to find a viable subject. I used to page through the National Geographic magazine (the one magazine that I confess to never reading the articles and only looking at the pictures) and wished I could travel around the world taking photos of exotic places. But having grown up in a solidly middle class family, trips to Nepal were out of the question. However, trips out to the backyard were within budget.

You don’t need special lenses or fancy equipment. Just pick up the camera, load it with film or slide in the compact flash card, step outside and open your eyes to the possibility.

On the Watch

Off and Running

21 09 2007

Hello and welcome!

I love photography. There is just something about capturing that slice of time and providing it for others to see that I absolutely enjoy. At times, it seems like a goofy thing to do. Standing, kneeling, squatting, laying in the sun, rain, snow or wind just to get that special shot or angle of someone doing something. At times, I feel that I should be the one having that fun… but, wait!! No… I am having the fun. It is hard to explain. Maybe that is why I like the picture. It speaks all by itself, if done right.

There is a universal language of photos. It is in the image of light and shadows, lines and curves — a thousand words for each picture. So through this blog, I will talk about the different assignments, jobs, sites and experiences I have while capturing these slices of time. My main site is at

Thanks for reading. Feel free to leave your thoughts and comments here.

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