Youth Football

1 10 2007


I enjoy photographing sporting events. I especially like shooting youth sports because these kids are playing for the love of the sport, not for millions. They run, spin, fall, bounce, hit, trip and fall again. There is a lot of action to capture, just like the big boys.

The games I am lucky enough to photograph, are all played in the day so lighting is not an issue. No weird lights to mess with white balance and even here in the Pacific Northwest, the light is enough to shoot at a respectable ISO 200, f2.8 at 1/1000 or so.

The kids are fun to watch and it takes control to make sure I watch through the viewfinder and take photos and not stand along the sidelines and watch. They work play hard. The coaches seem to work harder. But they’re having fun.

One thing about these youth football leagues… these kids are still growing. They all seem to be outsized by their helmets, and pads. Add on top of that, the discrepancy in the kids growth rates, you can get some real differences in sizes in one-on-one matchups, even if they are all in the same grade.

If I was the boy in this photo, I’d be running too!!!