Time Marches On…

14 09 2008

Time is flying by!

The summer has come and gone.  I have received many comments on the photo of the my in-laws in the post “When Old Meets New“.  I am sorry to say that we lost Leroy August 7.  He was 89.  He grew up in Oklahoma, rough-necked in the oil fields, jumped trains to California, rubbed shoulders with the whiskey runners and outlaws of the time.  He married Ann 67 years ago and moved to California where he found work at Goodyear building truck tires until his retirement in 1976.  He and Ann adopted Sherry in 1955 and raised her in Southern California.  After she graduated and his retirement, Ann and he moved back to Oklahoma, in 1984.

Ann and Leroy moved to Olympia this past year.  It was during this time I took that photo.  I will never forget him saying, as if to himself, “I never thought I would see such a thing…”  Thank God I caught that magical moment.

He was a fighter until the end and we all miss him.


— Jeff



Elmer Leroy Jennings, 1919-2008



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