Boy Scouts Pinewood Derby

3 02 2010

Ready! Set! Go!!!!

This year the Boy Scouts of America celebrate a 100 years of Scouting!  Since its incorporation on February 8, 1910, Scouting has been a leader in providing leadership for America’s youth.  In fact, Scouting has been very important to my family. Starting with my father who obtained his Eagle Scout award back in 1947, there are nine Eagle Scouts in our family – my brothers, their sons and me.  In fact, our 10th Eagle Scout was just born January 22.  Alexander Ott arrived to the world as the son of Ana and (Eagle Scout) Jon Ott, of Hawarden, Iowa.  In seventeen years, he can sign his name in his Great Grandfather’s Scouting book, along with the signatures of all the other Ott Eagle Scouts.

Scouting is important not only to our family, but to families all around the world!  The first step in a Scouts journey is made in Cub Scouts.  There are many different activities throughout the year, but one of the most exciting is the Pinewood Derby.   In this event, the Scout builds a racing car from a block of… what else, pine!  They are encouraged to be creative and customize their cars. Then every year about this time of year, the Scouts hold their Pinewood Derbies and race against all the other Cub Scouts.

Last year, I photographed a local race and captured some of the excitement and pride.

Apprehensive Expectation

The Race is On!

Unfortunately, I arrived late to this race (ironically, due to a car accident) but I did capture the final heats.  I fondly remember my pinewood derby as a Cub Scout and I am certain these Scouts will too.

The Day's Fastest Car and Driver!

If you are interested in Cub Scouts or in Scouting in general, I encourage to go to the Boy Scouts of America website or visit your local Scouting Troop or Cub Scout Pack.

Thanks for reading.