About Jeffrey Ott Photography & Imaging

My earliest memories are working with my dad in darkroom in Huber Heights, Ohio.  Dad was a photographer in the Army Signal Corps and spent much of his time in the service taking photographs of the atomic tests in the Nevada desert.  I know, because, my three brothers and I used to go up in the attic and look through all of his photos of these monsterous mushroom clouds.  Well, we needless to say all of us had cameras growing up and continued shooting pics.

I decided to turn my love of photography into a career by a twist in fate when I was laid off just before the tragedy of 9/11.  Being laid off was tough, but deciding to do what I love for a living was easy.

Besides raising children,  being a professional photographer is one of the toughest jobs.  A jerk for a boss, low pay, but  absolutely high job satisfaction.

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23 06 2009

Ok Jeff I cant find any photos from the barrel race?????? I think I like the old web site I cant seem to find my way around this one. See ya wednesday. Us barrel Racers want to see our pictures and kids’ pics.

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