Summer Love

12 07 2012

Summer doesn’t arrive in the Pacific Northwest until after the beginning of July.  Ha!  If you aren’t raised here, it takes a bit getting used to watching the rest of the world enjoying the sunshine, heat and shorts… while we’re shivering in the cold rain and clouds.  But for a photographer, the diffused light from the grey skies softens the skin tones and eliminates the extreme contrasts of bright sunlight.

A few weeks I received a call to take photos of a family’s new addition – a new baby boy.

A father’s love is strong and complete…

Summer brings the sunshine (to some areas sooner than others), flowers, baby birds, butterflies, and bees.  Wait… I sense something here. Yes, summer brings out love.  Shortly, this summer will bring together Lauren and Anthony.

Ah!  Summer love, it is something to behold… through a lens.

Boots On The Road

27 09 2011

These Boots Are Made For Walking

This summer, I had the opportunity to meet many good people and take many different photos.  I will be posting more as the days get rainy… and shorter.  This is one of my favorites.  I’ve ordered one for the studio walls, so I thought I would share it here as well.

Roads rolling off in to the distance have always appealed to me on many different levels.  I am not sure if it comes from some unresolved wanderlust or vestiges of long ago family’s vacations when I was a boy. Either way or for whatever reason, it often serves as a artistic draw to me… as it did in this photo.

No matter where we’ve come from or where we end up, the journey on our own road is what we make of it.  Sure we have to deal with obstacles, storms, and even a jerk or two along the way… but if we pick our way with care, we can chose a path of our own making, help (and perhaps receive help) from others along the way, and end up in a place from which we can help our own children take their first steps.


A Symbol of Love

29 01 2008

There are few things in life better than love. It doesn’t really matter who it is between, as long as there is love. As a photographer, I really enjoy capturing that love, whether it be in a child’s smile and hug, a loved one’s eyes or adoring gaze of an animal companion. However, when the love of two people results in the creation of a new life… there is something much deeper.

I was privileged during a recent photo shoot to photograph a couple a few weeks before the baby’s delivery. In the rush of life, it is easy to overlook things important to us — even when it is staring you in the face. Things were busy at this couple’s home as we set up for several shots, but as soon as they came together to pose for their photographs, I saw a transition from the frantic to the serene. Nothing was said, but it was felt.

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but this one only says one: Love.