When the Old Meets the New

13 11 2007

Old Greets New

Sometimes having a camera at hand is just a good thing. It is so easy these days, with cameras in everything from dolls eyes, to cell phones to… well the latest $5000 digital SLR. It doesn’t matter what you have, just use it.

On a recent trip out of town, Sherry was sitting in the hotel and we started a video chat on our Apple MacBook laptops. For us, it a common occurrence (both the trip and the free video chats) but for Sherry’s folks it was a new experience. Now mind you, both are 89 years old. Sherry’s mom grew up in the Arkansas Ozarks where she had to soak the wagon wheels so the rims would stay on as they took the horse and wagon to church! Sometimes I think about the progress and the change they’ve seen in their lifetimes…. I am amazed. From wagon wheels to cars, to commercial flight and space ships and to the thing called the “Internet”. Until the other evening, the Internet was only something they heard warnings about on Fox News. Then the Internet came to rest before their eyes as they held it in their hands. I turned the laptop over to Ann and Leroy so they could see and talk to their daughter.

It was a marvel to witness. They were amazed and delighted to almost reach out and touch their daughter who they missed. Leroy whispered that he never thought he’d live long enough to see something like that.

Sure glad I had my camera.  It would’ve been a shame to have missed!