Summer Love

12 07 2012

Summer doesn’t arrive in the Pacific Northwest until after the beginning of July.  Ha!  If you aren’t raised here, it takes a bit getting used to watching the rest of the world enjoying the sunshine, heat and shorts… while we’re shivering in the cold rain and clouds.  But for a photographer, the diffused light from the grey skies softens the skin tones and eliminates the extreme contrasts of bright sunlight.

A few weeks I received a call to take photos of a family’s new addition – a new baby boy.

A father’s love is strong and complete…

Summer brings the sunshine (to some areas sooner than others), flowers, baby birds, butterflies, and bees.  Wait… I sense something here. Yes, summer brings out love.  Shortly, this summer will bring together Lauren and Anthony.

Ah!  Summer love, it is something to behold… through a lens.


10 04 2008

Amber and Bill start their lives together!

The simple matter of the fact is that I am a hopeless romantic and therefore really enjoy photographing weddings.  Weddings are hectic, fun, stressful, exciting, nerve-racking and meaningful… and that is just what I am experiencing!  Seriously, though… weddings are one of the few special times in our lives where friends and family can come together and share in the happiness, love and dreams of two souls joining to face the world together.

I am always humbled and honored to be a part of their lives at this special time.

Wedding photography requires fast thinking while on the run. Yes, somethings are scripted (and in some churches, more scripted than others!) but inside that structure and ceremony, a photographer has to be ready for the unexpected.  This requires wide open eyes, good peripheral vision and a fast camera and shutter finger!

Looking forward to the wedding!

Camera gear must be top notch, reliable and trusted.  Lenses need to be clean and dust free.  Batteries need to be fully topped off with the spares ready to go.  For the past four years I have been shooting weddings exclusively in digital, so instead of pouches of film, I need to make sure I have memory cards ready to swap into place when one is full.  It is not a task to be taken lightly.

Weddings are very special times in two people’s lives.  I take the responsibility of capturing that day seriously and bask in the joy and happiness the day brings.  

Thank you for reading.